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You need something better. cloud-based SEND pupil progress analysis system is holistic and bespoke to your learners and curriculum. Easy to use, you can track your own learning outcomes, or import from an ever-expanding library created by the SEND Community, or both.

Add non-academic outcomes like soft skills, employability and independence. Report linear, spikey, individualised progress and EHCPs.

Our mission is to provide special schools with a single centralised cloud-based system for everything you want for one affordable subscription. Having everything in one place not only saves you money it also gives you the powerful analysis for whole school, cohort and individual learner’s progress so that you can get the immediate answers you need anytime, from anywhere.

Upcoming free modules cover Behaviour, Safeguarding, Provision-Mapping, Multi-Media Learning Journeys and more.

The only limit is your imagination.