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Recording Progress
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Targets & Measures
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As a special school you need to be able to track the progress of each pupil in academic as well as non-academic areas.

You might struggle to track that progress because the information is spread across different systems or the software you use does not allow you to record the kind of progress your pupils are making. It is therefore difficult to get instant reports to answer the questions you or your stakeholders may have regarding pupil progress.

The OnwardsandUpwards unified system solves this problem and tracks the progress of any individual pupil, any cohort and, indeed, your whole school. You can select from our vast library and/or add your own Learning Outcome Checklists to match your curriculum and track pupils from early years through to young adulthood.

The OnwardsandUpwards system is tailored to your school and has everything you need to report anything, anywhere, anytime.

Everything in one place - in the cloud.