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  • As a special school, how do you track the holistic progress of a pupil, subject, class, cohort or whole school performance?
  • How do you not only measure academic progress but also the soft and practical skills that are vital for an independent life?
  • Is your data all in one place or is it scattered, perhaps in different systems that don’t talk to each other, or on spreadsheets…or paper?
  • Perhaps your current system is ‘hard-wired’, so it sometimes requires you to assess your learners against outcomes that are inappropriate.

You need something better.

OnwardsandUpwards is a cloud-based progress tracking system that is customised for your learners and curriculum. It allows you to use your own learning outcomes or pick from an ever-expanding library created by the OnwardsandUpwards Community of UK Special Schools. Mix, match and modify to get it just right.

Your teachers can record progress to these customised learning outcomes against your own chosen target criteria, including personalised outcomes, and attach evidence on PC, laptop, or tablet.

OnwardsandUpwards produces highly visual, colourful, tailored reports designed by you and our community of special schools so you can answer any question that you or anyone else needs to know about your pupils’ progress at any time, from anywhere.

OnwardsandUpwards is totally flexible and evolves with you. Whether that is your own best practice or whatever Government asks of you for years to come.

"The Rochford Review very much supports the absolute importance of formative, holistic assessment for the lowest attaining pupils."
Reflections on the Rochford Review Recommendations - Richard Aird OBE

OnwardsandUpwards puts you in control with everything in one place.

Join the ever growing OnwardsandUpwards community and celebrate ALL of your pupils’ learning outcomes.