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Why OnwardsandUpwards?

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Duration: 1min 50s

Why Version 20?


Duration: 4min 55s

Customer Review


Duration: 6min 48s

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A Tour of OnwardsandUpwards v20

- Settings (part 1)

Covers logging in, the user Dashboard, Global Setings, User Permissions and Pupil Management
Duration: 8min 46s. Published: 26 Mar 2018

- Settings (part 2)

Covers the Learning Outcome tree, Help files and the Learning Outcome Library
Duration: 4min 53s. Published: 26 Mar 2018

- Assessment (part 1)

Covers the Assessment screen, Recording Progress, Uploading Evidence, Learning Journals and Personalised Outcomes
Duration: 8min 25s. Published: 26 Mar 2018

- Assessment (part 2)

Covers setting SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant & Time bound) Targets
Duration: 5min 6s. Published: 26 Mar 2018

- Analysis

Covers Analysis and Reports
Duration: 8min 38s. Published: 26 Mar 2018

OnwardsandUpwards v20 Forms

(1) Design

Shows how Forms are designed
Duration: 7min 17s. Published: 5 April 2018

(2) Submit

Discusses email alerts and how Forms can be submitted
Duration: 3min 38s. Published: 6 April 2018

(3) Analysis

Shows Analysis on Forms
Duration: 3min 47s. Published: 5 April 2018

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The following videos cover:


Flexible Analysis

Analysis Reports are dynamic and flexible. They can be formatted and ordered to suit how you want the information displayed and changed dynamically for output.
Video: 2min 7s duration
Published: 23 Jun 2017

Scorecard Report

The Scorecard report is a powerful, flexible and colourful report showing progress on a date for a pupil or group against outcomes. Results can be grouped and the output of your report can be selected on the fly. The report includes export to PDF and Excel
Video: 1 min 14s duration
Revised: 13 Jun 2018

Scorecard Report drilldown

By selecting one of the cards in your Scorecard report you can drill down to see more detail
Video: 34s duration
Published: 29 Jun 2018

Scorecard Charts (visualisation)

Scorecard analysis can be visualised through Charts including bubble, bar and pie charts
Video: 2min 31s duration
Published: 12 Jul 2018

Progress Summary Report

The Progress Summary report is powerful and flexible, allowing analysis on Attainment, Progress and Performance all at the same time. It can be run on any pupil-cohort and combination of learning outcomes.
Video: 3min 47s duration
Revised: 5 Feb 2018

Detail & Stage+ (formerly Learner +1) Report

The Detail Report lists every learning outcome for a pupil/subject giving the attainment in each outcome. Formerly Learner+1, the Stage+ report shows all learning outcomes for a pupil/subject from current stage (or level) upwards.
Video: 82s duration
Revised: 31 Jul 2018

Dial Report

The Dial Report is a quick and visual way to display current attainment with a animated dial, pie chart and flexible table.
Video: 58s duration
Published: 28 Jun 2017

Time Series Report

The Time Series Report shows progress over time for a pupil based on date points such as tagged snapshots. It includes a histogram with flightpath and a configurable dynamic table.
Video: 71s duration
Published: 20 Jun 2017

Managing Learning Outcomes

Flexible Outcomes for Linear and Spiky Progress

Learning Outcomes form a tree structure with the school as the trunk. The structure is not tied to a particular learning model but can equally be applied to linear or cumulative progression or spiky profiles.
Video: 55s duration
Revised: 1 Oct 2017

Creating and Importing Outcomes

These are instructions for importing Learning Outcomes from a spreadsheet. Learning Outcomes can be Imported into v20 from your spreadsheet or created from within v20. Outcomes may be available to the school or specific to a pupil (i.e. Personalised Outcomes, e.g. ECHPs).
Video: 2mins 51s duration
Published: 30 Oct 2017

Rearranging Learning Outcomes

Outcome branches and iCan statements can easily be rearranged in the Settings screen.
Video: 42s duration
Published: 10 Dec 2017

Setting Subjects for Linear or Spiky Progression

Once your Outcomes have been imported you might want to define your subjects (for purposes of analysis) and specify if that subject expects linear progression.
Video: 1mins 15s duration
Published: 31 Oct 2017

Check Setup on Outcomes

Your new Outcomes will inherit their check buttons from higher up the Outcome Tree but can be customised at any branch in the Tree.
Video: 1min 8s duration
Published: 31 Oct 2017

Adding Personalised Outcomes

Personalised Outcomes

Personalised Outcomes apply only to a particular pupil/student and are not utilised by other pupils or visible to users who do not have access to that particular pupil.
Video: 69s duration
Published: 1 Oct 2017

Recording Progress & Evidence

Recording Progress

This video demonstrates recording progress, illustrating the features in the Record Progress area relating to making checks against learning outcomes.
Video: 1min 38s duration
Revised: 1 Oct 2017

Evidence & Learning Journey

Evidence can be attached to an outcome or uploaded to an evidence pool. Uploaded evidence can be published in a learning journey and made available to parents.
Video: 76s duration
Revised: 4 Dec 2017

Parent Portal

Uploaded evidence can be published in a learning journey and made available to parents.
Video: 34s duration
Published: 4 Dec 2017

Setting SMART Targets

Flexible Bands

Flexible bands allows target bands to be set individually rather than globably providing an alternative method of target setting.
Video: 1min 16s duration
Published: 4 June 2018

Target Groups

A target group allows you to predefine target start and end dates where a number of targets occupy the same timeline.
Video: 46s duration
Published: 14 June 2018

Rules Based Target Setting

You can set target rules based on pupil sets, an attainment band and a subject. With flexible banding targets can be set as bands.
Video: 2min 9s duration
Updated: 14 June 2018

Rules Based Target Setting plus Flexible Bands

You can set target rules based on pupil sets, an attainment band and a subject. This video explains how rules based target setting utilises flexible banding.
Video: 1min 22s duration
Updated: 14 June 2018

Target Management

You can set target rules based on pupil sets, an attainment band and a subject. With flexible banding targets can be set as bands.
Video: 1min 41s duration
Published: 14 June 2018

Target Settings & Dial Weightings

Targets are explained along with how deviations from target influence the progress dials.
Video: 1min 42s duration
Published: 3 Dec 2017

Targets Options

You have the ability to set targets in a number of ways depending on the type of outcome and whether you are measuring a specific attainment or progress from a specified baseline.
Video: 3min 55s duration
Published: 28 Nov 2017

Online Target Setting

A target can be set against any branch or outcome statement for a pupil, registration or year group.
Video: 2min 9s duration
Published: 5 Mar 2018

Behaviour & Safeguarding (Form Builder)

Forms Design, Submission & Analysis

The Forms Designer allows for the creation and submission of secure safeguarding and behaviour forms using the central database along with other forms as needed.
Video: 1 min 51s duration
Published: 1 Oct 2017

Managing Pupils

Importing Pupils

Pupils can be imported into v20 using data exported from you MIS system.
Video: 1min 13s duration
Published: 2 Nov 2017

Custom Pupils Attributes

Custom attributes can be set for pupils (where the attribute is not included by default).
Video: 1min 10s duration
Published: 4 Jun 2018


Pupil cohorts are setup for use in target setting and analysis.
Video: 3min 14s duration
Published: 4 Jun 2018

Managing Users

Users and Permissions

Users have access to the system according to their individual permissions or via the group they are assigned to.
Video: 40s duration
Published: 1 Oct 2017

Importing Attainment Data

Importing Attainment Data

Historic and Baseline attainment data can be imported into the v20 system against outcomes marked as subjects.
Video: 3min 25s duration
Published: 18 Jan 2018

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