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Holistic progress tracking for SEN

A unique integrated system for special and SEND inclusive schools
& colleges, customised to your learners and curriculum

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What OnwardsandUpwards
Can Do for You

OnwardsandUpwards is a holistic progress tracking system which enables you to make sense of and utilise all your learners’ assessment and achievement data. It is fully customisable to your school or college’s curriculum, so that you can create your own bespoke system, tracking your own learning outcomes or drawing from the rich and ever-expanding library we have developed in partnership with our O&U user community.

You can include life skills, non-subject specific learning, personalised learning plans or EHCPs, and report on linear, non-linear or spiky progress. You can add learning evidence to share with parents and carers, inspectors and other stakeholders.

OnwardsandUpwards is cloud-based, providing secure access from anywhere, across devices, with everything in one place.

Users are unlimited with access rights under your control, which means that stakeholders at all levels from senior management, teachers, teaching assistants, governors, parents, carers to learners themselves can have their own individualised dashboards with information that’s important to them.

The system’s powerful reporting functionality means you can generate a wide range of timely and meaningful reports for individual learners, particular cohorts or the whole school/college.

The optional integrated and powerful Universal Forms Builder also enables you to replace paper forms, allowing secure recording and analysis of any records such as behaviour, safeguarding, and much more.

One of the things that we love most about OnwardsandUpwards…is that it is our system and we’ve been able to make it bespoke to what we want.
We have…developed a new section to meet the recommendations of the Rochford Review. We can identify the Seven Aspects of Engagement through appropriate statements and track a pupil’s progress through their school career… I researched a lot of different assessment systems being produced commercially and by individual schools when the Assessment with levels directive was given… and still think this it is the best system out there when I look around.
…we decided to be maverick and design something bespoke to our school and so adopted the OnwardsandUpwards platform… the journey has been worthwhile and one I would certainly recommend to others.
watch our 2 min video
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